We have a short, general update about our website. We've decided to remake out site from scratch. Our new site, which will be similar to our old site, will be available some time in the new year. In the meantime, our old site will be active and once our new site is released and all of our blog posts have...

Last month we didn't make as much progress as we wanted. At the beginning of the month we decided to take a step back to breathe and look at everything we have done so far. We've determined that we aren't ready to start our Indiegogo and focus on getting ourselves more organized, start updating documents that need to be updated,...

Sorry about how late this is. A few personal things came up. Last month we made some decent progress. We've finished our final mock GUI which you can see below. We've also decided to make some changes that will be announced when the proof of concept demos are released.

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